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The Ultimate Buyer's Guide: How to Choose Products for Uneven or Lopsided Breasts

Our guide to navigating the world of uneven breasts is here to help you find the perfect fit and feel confident like never before. We've got all the inside scoop on understanding breast asymmetry, finding the best-fitting bras, and exploring innovative solutions like Evenly Bra Balancers™. We celebrate the beauty of diversity and encourage you to rock your unique shape with style and confidence!

Putting Bra Insert into Bra

Are Uneven Breasts Normal?

Every woman's body is unique, and it is entirely normal to have slight asymmetries, including uneven or lopsided breasts. Asymmetry can have many causes such as breast-feeding, hormonal changes, pregnancy or following breast cancer surgery however oftentimes there is no known cause it is just the way our body grows - in the same way that our faces are rarely symmetrical or our feet may be slightly different sizes - it is the same with our breasts.

These natural variations in breast sizes can sometimes lead to challenges in finding well-fitting bras and swimwear. While it may seem daunting, the good news is that there are now several effective, non-surgical products specifically designed to even out lopsided breasts. We’ve put together this helpful buyer’s guide to navigate finding the best products to suit your own beautifully unique asymmetry, allowing you to embrace your body with confidence and comfort.

The Best Bra For Uneven Breasts

Before shopping for any products to even out your breasts, it is essential that you start with the best foundations in the form of a well-fitting bra. The ideal bra size will be the one that fits your largest breast well, as many products for uneven boobs are designed to fill or balance out the cup on your smaller side.

Suppose you’re unsure what size you currently are. In that case, you can read our blog on How to Measure Your Bra Size When You Have Uneven Breasts, use one of the many bra size calculators available online or book a bra fitting to have a professional fit to find the best size for you. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of fitters who specialise in bra fittings for breast asymmetry. Some will conduct the fitting virtually online so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, they can help you find your perfect fit.

Professional bra fitters can also recommend particular bra styles and shapes that may help support or disguise your unevenness such as those with moulded cups, adjustable cups or removable paddings. They may also be able to recommend pocketed bras (sometimes called mastectomy bras) which have hidden pockets to securely hold a bra filler or insert. Check out this blog post for more tips on the Best Bras for Breast Asymmetry.

Bra Balancer for Asymmetry in Bra

Products for Lopsided Boobs

Once you have a well-fitting bra that fits your bigger breast well, you can add a bra filler to restore balance to your bra and give you a natural, even appearance. Bra fillers come in many styles, materials and sizes and can also be called bra inserts, breast forms, partial prosthetics or paddings.

The most effective bra fillers are weighted to replicate the weight of the ‘missing’ breast tissue and to allow your bra to balance and distribute the weight of your breasts more evenly. This relieves the back, neck and shoulder pain that can come from having lopsided breasts which aren’t equally supported. Bra fillers that are made of soft silicone are often more natural-feeling and discreet than lighter-weight foam or air-filled inserts which can regularly move around in the bra cup due to their lightness. Silicone lightly grips to the skin giving it greater security and a smooth fit and it slowly warms to match your body temperature.

Evenly Bra Balancers™

Following years of research and product innovation, Kate Taylor, Founder of Evenly invented the Evenly Bra Balancer™, which is a soft silicone bra filler designed to mimic the feel, movement and weight of natural breast tissue and which works as an ideal filler in the bra cup of the smaller breast for those with asymmetry.

Putting Bra Balancer into bra
Kate Taylor, Founder of Evenly

Unlike many other bra inserts or fillers on the market, Evenly Bra Balancers™ have been specifically designed with asymmetry in mind. They do not “push up” or enhance your cleavage as this would only make lopsided breasts more obvious! They discreetly fill your bra cup so that it matches the look of your larger breast, so you can step out feeling your most confident and comfortable self.

Another reason Evenly Bra Balancers™ are a more effective option than many other bra fillers on the market is that they are not a “one size fits all”. In fact, Bra Balancers™ come in a total of 17 different sizes spread over 3 thickness ranges and 2 different shapes, catering for a broad range of bra sizes and cup size differences. All Bra Balancers™ are symmetrical in shape so they can be worn in either the left or right bra cup. They also do not have a false nipple, allowing them to be positioned however works best for you.

Struggling to find your size? You can easily discover your best Evenly Bra Balancer™ size in under 2 minutes using our Evenly Fit Finder. Or for more detailed tips and advice, there’s also Your Guide to Getting Evenly.

Silicone Bra Filler Maintenance

Once you’ve found your best fit, Evenly Bra Balancers™ have an excellent life span and can last upwards of 18 months of regular wear before the film coating wears down which can mean splits may appear. There are some basic actions you can take to maintain your Bra Balancer™ and give it the best life span possible.

Bra Balancer in storage bag
Keep it clean

Use warm, soapy water to gently cleanse your Balancer, then rinse with water and pat dry. Cleansing your balancer immediately following use in a chlorinated swimming pool or after swimming in salty sea water is advised (even if it’s just a quick rinse with bottled or tap water until you get home). Keeping your Balancer clean in between wears will ensure it’s always fresh and ready to go.


Keep your Balancer in its Evenly storage bag (included with every purchase) when you’re not using it. This ensures it is kept safe from sharp edges or objects which could scratch or snag the film coating, causing it to split or tear. The bag also keeps it protected from hot sun rays which can soften the film coating and make it more prone to damage.

Bra Balancer™ 'wardrobe'

There could be just one perfect Evenly size for you, or you may find that you end up creating a Bra Balancer™ ‘wardrobe’ with a variety of sizes and thicknesses, to cater for fluctuations in your asymmetry. This is completely normal, and particularly useful during breastfeeding or if you tend to fluctuate during your monthly cycle. Whatever works best for you - do that! 😉

Want to Find Out More About Breast Asymmetry?

Embracing your body's natural asymmetry is an empowering journey, and having the right products can significantly boost your confidence and comfort. Remember that everyone's body is unique, and it is entirely normal to have uneven or lopsided breasts. By getting professionally fitted for a bra and pairing that bra with an Evenly Bra Balancer™, you can accommodate for your breast size differences and give both breasts the proper support they need.

For more information and tips about living with breast asymmetry, you can read our Evenly Balanced Blog, or join our support group The Uneven Titty Committee™ (hosted by Evenly) free on Facebook.


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