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Best Bras For Breast Asymmetry

Helping you find the very best bra for uneven breast size

Bra shopping can be a real pain in the chest sometimes, especially when you have uneven breast sizes. Some bra styles are tried and tested to work well for uneven boobs. Here is a whistle-stop introduction that might help you get started.

Best Bra For Uneven Breast Size - The Number 1 Rule

We've said it before and we'll say it again, if you are looking for the best bra for uneven breast sizes, ALWAYS fit your bra to the size of the largest breast.

No matter what style of bra you try, it is never going to work well for you if it is not fitting your larger breast well. Here are some things to look for to check if the bra is the right size for you:

1. Underband

The underband should fit firmly around the chest (you shouldn't be able to pull it away from your body more than a few cms) and should remain level all the way around as you move - no riding up at the back!

2. Cups

Both breasts should be fully encased within the cups and the cup material should lie flat against your larger breast - no digging in or gaping. There will be some gaping on your smaller side, but don't worry that's where your Evenly Bra Balancer™ comes in!

3. Underwire

The underwire (if you have one) should follow the natural crease of the breast and should rest on the ribs/chest and never on breast tissue. The wire at the centre front of the bra should also lie flat against the body and not be pulled forward by your breasts.

4. Straps

The shoulder straps should not be too tight or too loose, with no more than a few cms give. 80% of the support of the bra comes from the underband, and only 20% comes from the straps, so don't assume that tighter straps will compensate for an ill-fitting bra.

Remember that bra sizes vary widely between countries, brands, styles and even colours so just because one bra in a certain size fits you well, it doesn't mean your best fit will be that same size in all other bras you try on. Always check the fit against the pointers above and go up and down your bra sister sizes if you need to find a better fit.

Once you have a well-fitting bra that fits your largest breast well, it's time to add balance to your smaller side with your Evenly Bra Balancer™, use our handy Fit Finder to find your perfect size in less than 2 minutes.

If you're struggling to find the right bra fit, we always recommend getting a professional bra fitting. We've partnered with the lovely bra fitting team at Brarista to offer Evenly customers virtual bra fittings from home, with no need to remove your current bra. The fitters are experts in finding the best bras for uneven breast sizes and can also recommend your perfect Bra Balancer™ size. They'll even provide you with an Evenly discount code for an amazing 15% off! Book your appointment online now.

So, now you know how to check that the bra size is fitting you well, on to our top tips for the best bra styles and shapes for uneven breast sizes.

Contour (Moulded) Cups and T-shirt Bras

Bras that are lined with a thin layer of foam within the entire cup can be really flattering for uneven breast sizes as they can help give both breasts a more uniform shape and a smooth appearance under clothing. These bras are different to padded push-up bras which typically have a thicker portion of foam at the bottom of the cup which is designed to add size and cleavage.

When you’re shopping for moulded cups, explore the materials and fabrics used. If the cup is too rigid, this might make the gap more noticeable if the cup sits away from the skin on your smaller side with the breast not filling the cup. You may want to consider spacer fabric cups, rather than traditional foam lining (spacer fabric is a uniquely knitted fabric, constructed of 2 layers of thin fabric, joined together with a spacer yarn and designed to create airflow and light padding - a little like ‘memory foam’). These spacer fabric cups hold their rounded shape because they mould to your breast and they also don’t wrinkle if they’re not completely filled, giving you a more visually balanced silhouette.

Bralettes and Stretchy Bras

Bras with stretchy cups or stretchy lace panels along the top of the cup will mould to your breast size and shape. These are particularly suitable for disguising smaller cup differences. You can also adjust each shoulder strap a little differently to tailor the fit of each cup to obtain a more balanced look.

Bra Shapes and Styles

What else can help you to find the best bra for uneven breast sizes? Consider the cut or shape of the bra too – plunge or balconette styles which show more cleavage can sometimes accentuate a difference in breast size whereas full cup bras which cover more of your breast are more forgiving. Their fullness also means they can hold an Evenly® Bra Balancer™ more comfortably without any risk of it peeping over the top of the bra. We recommend giving yourself plenty of time and trying a variety of styles to see what works best for you. This way you’re more likely to find that ‘Goldilocks’ style - the one that’s just right for you.

Swimwear Options

When you fancy a splash, the same principles apply when shopping for swimwear. Look for swimsuits or bikini tops with slightly padded, full coverage cups. You can then wear your Evenly® Bra Balancer™ on your smaller side (some swimwear has handy pockets to hold inserts) and no one will ever be any wiser.

We’d love to hear from you if you have bra recommendations or shopping tips for finding the best bras for uneven breast sizes. You can share your experiences in our safe and supportive free Facebook Community The Uneven Titty Committee, or drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram.



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