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5 Top Tips for Bra Shopping with Breast Asymmetry.

At Evenly® we want to support you in finding the best bra to work with what your mamma gave ya! So - what can we do to make shopping for bras a success?

Bra shopping can be a bit of a minefield at the best of times and if you have breast asymmetry it can sometimes feel like swimming through treacle! We’ve teamed up with Bra Fitting expert Zoe Keeping to create this mini-guide to help you bra shop for asymmetry.

No two boobs are created equal, and most people have at least some degree of difference between their breasts in terms of breast shape and size. For some it may be very slight, maybe even going unnoticed and for others, there may be a significant difference of several cup sizes. There are a plethora of reasons why our boob sizes vary - you can read more about breast asymmetry here in our Evenly® Balanced Blog post Breast Asymmetry Truths.

1 - Always fit your bra to your largest breast

You may be tempted to find a bra somewhere in between your two breast sizes to minimise the gape on your smaller side. We recommend that you avoid this as much as possible, as it can cause discomfort if the bra digs into your breast tissue. Wearing an ill-fitting bra can also be bad for your health. The best thing you can do for your boobs is to ensure the cup of your bra fits nicely to your larger breast. On your bigger side, your cup should sit snugly without any materials or wires squishing into your skin in between your breasts, below your armpit or at the front of the cup, creating booby 'muffin tops'. If you're left with a gape on your smaller side, you can slip in one of our Evenly Bra Balancers™ to fill out the cup, balance the weight across your bra and give a more even silhouette.

Woman wearing a bra fitted for uneven boobs

2 - Get to know your boob shape, not just your size

When clothes shopping, it’s generally accepted that people will shop for their shape as well as their size, so why should bra shopping be any different? If anything, it is even more important to shop for your breast shape, especially when you have two beautifully mismatched boobs. Shopping around and trying different bra styles will help you get to know what's best for you. If you're struggling to know where to start, here is our mini-guide to the Best Bras for Breast Asymmetry.

3 - Don't compare yourself to others

There truly is no substitute for trying as many styles on your own body as you can. Recommendations are great, but be prepared and open-minded to try different brands, styles and fabrics to get the best fit for your own boobs.

“Think about having a professional bra fitting with an experienced bra fitter who will be able to help you understand how a well-fitting bra should feel and find your perfect bra fit. Be prepared to try a LOT of bras before you find your dream bra, fit can vary between brands, styles, even colour-ways. Everybody is different so just because a bra works for your friend with uneven boobs, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you.”

- Zoe Keeping, Bra Fitting Expert at Boob-Ology.

If you'd like to get a professional bra fitting, we've partnered with the wonderful Brarista team to offer virtual fittings for Evenly customers where ever you are in the world, book yours here and receive a 15% discount off your Evenly purchase.

Fix lopsided boob

4 - Be kind to yourself

One super important thing to remember when you shop for bras is to be kind to yourself. Not all bras are designed to fit your unique, beautiful shape. Your boobs are not a problem to be solved - they are perfectly unique, so give yourself a break and allow the time needed to find what best suits your needs.

If you’re buying bras online, it’s a good idea to set aside some time when they arrive to try them on when you have some time to yourself and you’re feeling good. Be sure to have a mirror close by and remember to try under clothing so you can check your silhouette.

5 - Balance out that bra!

Now you’ve found a great fitting bra to snuggly support your larger breast, you can pop an Evenly® Bra Balancer™ into the cup on your smaller side. This will not only fill the cup to balance out your silhouette, but it will also balance the weight in each cup, allowing your bra to do what it was designed to do to support your chest properly. This has the bonus of minimising neck, back and shoulder stresses. Use our handy 3-step Fit Finder to find your perfect fit.

We'd love to know how you get on with bra shopping. Please do share your successes and your own bra shopping tips in the comments, or you can join our free Facebook community The Uneven Titty Committee™ to share stories with fellow breast asymmetry pals.


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