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To provide effective and innovative non-surgical solutions to the challenges of breast asymmetry, no matter what the cause.


To educate, support and inspire those with breast asymmetry to embrace their uniqueness and gain comfort and confidence through our products and community.

"You're not abnormal or different, you're uniquely and beautifully individual."

Why are there no products out there specifically for breast asymmetry?

Great question. I thought the same. After all, our boobs are sisters - not twins*. No two boobs are exactly the same size, so why do all bra manufacturers assume they are? Mostly because they’ve been designed by men – yep, we found that to be quite a shocking truth too. The majority of big players in lingerie such as Victoria’s Secret, La Senza, and Wonderbra were created by men. I decided it was time to fill this particular gap left by the male-dominated product design world with a functional and comfortable, yet elegant solution. 

*Check out the Evenly blog for more on the causes of breast asymmetry and reassurance that you are, most definitely, not alone.

It all started with feet

Back in 2014, ballet flat shoes and stiletto pumps were dominating in women’s shoe fashions but as someone who has one foot slightly bigger than the other (another completely natural manifestation of our body’s unique asymmetries) I was forever having to pad out one shoe to help them stay on. So I started looking into shoe design and investigated selling mismatched sized pairs. I spoke to a number of women who loved the idea but whose resounding feedback was “Shoes aren’t my biggest problem, bras are!”

Like the majority of women, I have a difference in breast size but assumed it was an issue unique to me and made do by tightening my bra strap on the one side and doing my best to disguise it in foam cup bras. How was I to know I was in the majority when all I ever see in lingerie advertising are perfectly round, perfectly symmetrical breasts? Suddenly my eyes were opened to the misleading reality all of us have been exposed to and I got to work on creating the perfect solution.

The breast is yet to come

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I began to investigate bras – could I create bras with mismatched cup sizes or adjustable cup volumes?  With that mission in mind, I started working with one of the top bra designers in the UK – responsible for co-creating the game-changing Ultimo bra. I also twice attended the Interfilière lingerie trade show in Paris and gained as much knowledge as I could about bra design, materials and new technologies.

I discovered that lingerie design is technically complex - a bra is an expert piece of engineering! But I'm now into my third year of R&D, working with product designers, lingerie technicians and bra fitting experts to create a supportive, adjustable bra, designed specifically for breast asymmetry. I've been funded through the Arts University Bournemouth and the European Regional Development Fund and in 2021 I won an Innovate UK Women in Innovation Award. Through the support and funding provided by the award I will soon have this new, revolutionary bra ready to share with you all.   

Worth the 'weight'

In the meantime I knew I needed to help women’s current bras do their jobs more effectively. Wearing an unrealistically symmetrical bra when you have perfectly normal asymmetrical breasts has very real physical and psychological consequences. I’m talking about poor posture; leaning to one side; neck, breast and shoulder pains; not to mention the lack of confidence that comes from wearing an uncomfortable and ill-fitting bra, usually with an overflowing bra bulge on one side or a big gaping cup cavern on the other.

The key was finding something to balance the absence of breast tissue weight on the smaller side and allow a bra fitted to your bigger breast to do its job properly by spreading the weight of your breasts more evenly across your shoulders and back. After lots of trials, research, and adjustments, the Evenly Bra Balancer was born. The name, Bra Balancer™, was very purposeful. It is the bra that needs fixing, not you.

Uneven Titty Committee

I didn’t want to stop there. Through my years of research I discovered what a taboo subject breast asymmetry is and knew I wanted to offer more than just a product solution. I wanted to unite us all in community, mutual support and encouragement so I founded The Uneven Titty Committee™. Join us now on Facebook and discover the sisters you never knew you had.

I'll keep working on refining products and innovating to find more solutions to breast asymmetry. The adjustable bras are coming and I already have more ideas in the works but I didn’t want to wait any longer before bringing these solutions into your lives. Please do stay in touch, give me your honest feedback and watch this space as there’s plenty more to come.

Kate xx

Kate Taylor Innovate UK Women In Innovat

Evenly Founder Kate Taylor