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My Evenly Story

"The Evenly Bra Balancer is everything I never knew I was looking for."

As an independent business, there’s no better feeling than knowing we’ve helped someone with our Bra Balancer™ products. When a customer with naturally uneven breasts got in touch to tell us her story we were absolutely over the moon. It’s such a privilege to be able to help our customers, and Rebecca was kind enough to get in touch and tell us her Evenly® Story. We've shared Rebecca's story just as she sent it to us.

​​My Evenly Story

"My name is Rebecca, I am a 29 year old from the UK and wear a balancer in size 306.

A silicone Evenly Bra Balancer (a non-surgical solution to uneven boobs) sits next to an exclusive blue storage bag.

I have always had naturally asymmetric breasts with a considerable difference. I am currently wearing a 34F bra and having to compensate for around a B cup on my smaller size. As I have gotten older I have learned to accept what I have, and have found appropriate solutions. In my case, I have developed the strong belief that surgery is unnecessary to address this issue.

There are great solutions on the market removing the need for surgery and after all, asymmetry isn’t something that needs to be ‘fixed’.

There is a huge emphasis on body positivity at the minute and to just be out there as you are, but not everyone is comfortable with this. It’s ok to want to look for solutions to make you feel comfortable and boost your confidence without going under the knife. The market has come on leaps and bounds as of late, with an abundance of products for ladies with asymmetry as a result of surgery, but I have always been averse to using a prosthesis intended for post-surgery use, after all, I am not post-surgery. My preference has always been a ‘chicken fillet’ style product (ideally clear rather than flesh-toned) which just slips in my bra/swimwear as needed.

I started wearing a ‘chicken fillet’ style product in my bra at around the age of 13; my mum took me to our local independent lingerie store for a fitting and to discuss what solutions were available (very few at that time). I left with a packet of 2 flesh-toned standard enhancers designed to boost you around 1 cup size. As I got older and my breasts further developed, I found that the only way to achieve balance was to use two of the enhancers in the smaller side of my bra. This became increasingly uncomfortable and not sustainable in the long term.

In 2010 I found a supplier of breast enhancers and prostheses via a magazine forum thread and found their largest breast enhancer at 185g to be a godsend. I no longer had to use 2 enhancers to balance my look! However, this product was not marketed at people like me, the enhancers came as a pair (intended to provide a MEGA boost 3 cup sizes outwards). I didn’t need a ‘boost’, I needed balance. I bought this product again and again over a period of 10 years - it was the best solution I had found. I was able to achieve the look I wanted, I could wear it with swimwear and it wasn’t a dreaded prosthesis.

Then, in late 2020 I came across a brand on Instagram selling lingerie, being fully aware that I was in the wrong bra size after not having a fitting for over a year I booked a virtual fit and ordered one of their bras. Unfortunately, despite several tries, I couldn’t make their product work for me as it didn’t accommodate my enhancer but I did work with the fitter who helped me identify other brands that might work better for me.

In the right size, my breasts were lifted but I had concerns that this was only emphasising my difference with the existing solution. This got me thinking that there must be more women like me out there.

We all know that breasts are sisters, not twins but mine are almost not related, making finding a bra a nightmare.

Having not delved into this for years I started to look into what support was available for ladies like me: In a wilderness of adverts for breast augmentation surgery, I found ‘The Uneven Titty Committee, by Evenly’ on Facebook. This then led me to discover the Evenly Bra Balancer™.

The Evenly Bra Balancer™ is everything I never knew I was looking for. When I first opened the package I was surprised at the size and shape (especially compared to my previous solution). Initially, I thought “this is never going to work”, but I’m happy to admit that I was wrong and pleasantly surprised. I always had to place my existing enhancer at an angle, in an attempt to achieve a boost to the volume, whilst not compromising the shape too much. The bra balancer addresses both of these issues without a second thought. I was able to work with Kate (at Evenly®) to identify my best size which, due to its shape, effectively balances my volume and gives a natural full shape due to its width. Better still, the balancer didn’t look like a prosthesis, had a more natural feel than what I was using, and can still be used with swimwear. I couldn’t be happier and won’t be looking back!"

One Year On

Rebecca purchased her Bra Balancer™ from us just over a year ago, and she was kind enough to send us this update to her story;

"After around a year of use, my balancer is still going strong. I've been on holiday and used it in swimwear and wear it most days at the gym! Will need another soon! Happy to report no splitting as I had in my other model (from the other company)."

Your stories are our stories

Wow. What a brilliant story from one of our first ever customers! Thanks to Rebecca for letting us share her story with you all. We are constantly innovating to work with our Uneven Titty Committee members, and we are working on more innovations to help more uneven boob owners in the future.

If you have an Evenly® story you’d like to share, we would be delighted to hear it! Please get in touch with us through Facebook or Instagram or you can email us at