How to find the perfect Evenly Bra Balancer™ in 3 simple steps!

A no-fuss guide

As a female-founded company, Evenly understands that uneven boobs can often be a source of discomfort. Symptoms that members from our Facebook group The Uneven Titty Committee have experienced include neck pain, back pain and poor posture.

These are the side effects caused by wearing a bra which is designed with symmetrical cups, but holding asymmetrical breasts. Therefore, the weight of our breasts is not evenly distributed, and the bra cannot support your chest in the way it was designed to. As well as significant physical effects, breast asymmetry can make bra shopping a nightmare and can sometimes leave us feeling self-conscious or embarrassed about our appearance too (talk about a double whammy)!

To alleviate these issues, our Evenly Bra Balancers™ are cleverly designed and perfectly weighted to balance out your bra and alleviate unnecessary stress on your body, as well as evening out the appearance of your bosom, so your bra can do the job it was designed to do. Win-Win!

Every Bra Balancer™ is made from clear and colourless high quality silicone, and Evenly matches every skin tone because your own gorgeous skin simply shows through.

Everyone’s breasts are wonderfully unique, and we have worked very hard to ensure you have a large variety of size and thickness options to balance out your breast asymmetry. We have a total of 17 size options to ensure every bra can be beautifully balanced. How? Here are 3 simple steps to find the right balancer for you.

Step 1 - Figuring our your cup size difference

The first step to ‘getting Evenly’ is to determine the cup difference related to your asymmetry. To do this, find a bra which perfectly fits your larger breast - this means the material of the cup will be sitting comfortably flat to the skin of your larger breast with no gaping or bulges. Then, compare with your smaller side.

To determine the cup size difference, take note of the void between the smaller breast and the material of your bra. This equates to approximately 1cm per cup size. For example, If there is a gape of 2cm between your breast and bra cup, the difference is approximately 2 cup sizes.

Alternatively if you know from past experience which bras typically fit your smaller side best you can calculate your cup size difference that way. For example, if a 34C fits your smaller breast perfectly but you need a 34D to accommodate your fuller breast, then that is 1 cup size difference. Always be sure to compare bras with the same band size (the number) when using this method.

Many women are wearing the incorrect bra size so we recommend that you get a professional bra fitting to help with this if you are able to (although this is not essential).

Which thickness of Bra Balancer should I choose?

Now you have determined your cup difference, you know which range to shop from. We have three thicknesses, and each range of Bra Balancers™ is based on cup difference.

Step 2 - Choosing your Bra Balancer™ size

Now you’ve got a good fitting bra, and you’ve established the cup size difference between your breasts, it’s time to choose your Bra Balancer™ size.

To do this, we recommend looking at the Sizing Guide on your selected Bra Balancer™ page. Here you'll find a table detailing each size in that range and the UK bra sizes that we know typically fit each size best. To convert an international bra size to UK sizing use our handy conversion chart. Don't see your size? Let us know! We're working on a much broader size range so would love to know which sizes you'd like to see next.

As bra sizes vary widely between brands and countries and also because different bra styles have different shaped cups we also recommend checking the dimensions of the Bra Balancer against your favourite bra. One easy way to do this is to click on a size in the Sizing Guide table to open a printable PDF template that can be printed, cut out and lightly placed inside the bra cup to check the fit or compare between a couple of size options before purchasing. We've also linked to each one below.

Following these steps helps to ensure you have your correct size to balance out your bra before you buy.

Step 3 - The final fit

When you’ve chosen your Evenly Bra Balancer™, you can have it shipped anywhere in the world (although we really recommend having it sent to where you live 😉). When you receive your balancer, you can simply slip it into the bra cup on your smaller side and away you go!

With every Bra Balancer we include a pot of Evenly dusting powder to give a silky smooth feel next to your skin. This is made from a talc free clay, which is moisture-wicking to keep you feeling fresh and dry. Each balancer also comes in a lovely reusable storage pouch which you can keep your balancer in when you’re not wearing it.

If you find that when you get your Bra Balancer™ home and into your bra that it’s not the perfect fit, we are proud to have a guaranteed no-quibbles return policy. This means we can exchange for another size to get you the perfect fit, or we can process a full refund for you.

What else does Evenly do?

Evenly is also working on an adjustable bra for breast asymmetry. If you’d like to be kept a-breast (see what we did there?) of our progress, you can sign up to our Evenly newsletter in the Footer below or join our private support community The Uneven Titty Committee on Facebook for updates.

Printable size comparison PDFs

Bra Balancer™ - Difference of 1 Cup Size

Size 101

Size 102

Size 103

Bra Balancer™ - Difference of 1-2 Cup Sizes

Size 201

Size 202

Size 203

Size 204

Size 205

Size 206

Size 207

Bra Balancer™ - Difference of 2-3 Cup Sizes

Size 301

Size 302

Size 303

Size 304

Size 305

Size 306

Size 307


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