Evenly Bra Balancers™ are specifically designed for breast asymmetry. Worn on your smaller side they create a smooth, natural, even appearance. The perfectly-weighted silicone mimics the weight of the missing natural breast tissue, meaning your bra can hold and distribute the weight of your breasts more evenly - clever huh?


Each Bra Balancer™ comes with an Evenly storage bag, dusting powder & exclusive postcard by Lucy Maggie Designs.

    Bra Balancer™ - Difference of 1 Cup Size

      • Concave oval shape and lightly tapered edges for a secure and smooth fit
      • Made from medical-grade, transparent silicone that allows your skin tone to show through
      • Natural fluid movement and feel, just like real breast tissue
      • Suitable to be worn every day, even when swimming or exercising
      • Includes Evenly dusting powder - a 100% natural, vegan, talc-free powder than can be dusted onto the breast or the Bra Balancer™ for long-lasting freshness and smooth, silky comfort