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Finding Support and Community with Lopsided Boobs

Have you ever felt like you were the only person with uneven breasts? It's time to break that misconception and discover a supportive community that understands your journey. Explore the story of Evenly and the Uneven Titty Committee, shedding light on the prevalence of breast asymmetry and the need for support and understanding.

Becca Butcher who has Poland Syndrome holds fruit over her uneven breasts
Evenly Ambassador Becca Butcher. Photo by @smilebytulip

Spoiler Alert! It’s Not Just You With Lopsided Boobs.

When Kate Taylor, the founder of Evenly, set out to address the issue of mismatched shoe sizes, she stumbled upon a surprising realisation. During her research, she discovered that the real struggle for many people was finding bras to accommodate their uneven breasts, rather than shoes for uneven feet. It was a revelation for Kate, who had been dealing with this very issue herself. Did other people really have lopsided boobs too? If this was the case, why had she never realised? How had she reached her thirties without multiple conversations about this with other uneven boob owners? Where were the bras to help uneven breasts, and where were the photos of models with lopsided chests? Why couldn’t she find a bra to fit if lots of other people also had this problem? She was a little stumped.

Discovering An Unexpected Community

As Kate delved deeper into her research and spoke with others, she discovered a resounding response of "yes, mine too." Breast asymmetry was far more common than she had initially believed. However, there appears to be a huge lack of awareness and support for those who belong to this demographic group. Kate affectionately referred to herself and her lopsided boob pals as members of the "Uneven Titty Committee." This tongue-in-cheek name aimed to create a light-hearted and open approach to a topic that had long been considered taboo. The goal was to provide a sense of belonging and support for those with breast asymmetry.

Whilst researching, the people Kate spoke to said they felt embarrassment, confusion and even shame at the fact their breasts were not symmetrical. They did not see themselves represented in magazines, shops and mannequins. Models appeared to boast perfectly balanced boobs, and bras (which were already largely uncomfortable garments) were only available in a perfectly symmetrical design. Who can blame Kate for originally believing she was the only one with uneven boobs?

What Causes Lopsided Boobs?

Research suggests that over 80% of breasts exhibit some degree of asymmetry. Factors such as conditions like Poland Syndrome, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, hormonal changes, and cancer-related surgeries can contribute to unevenness. Whatever the cause of breast asymmetry, our bodies are beautifully unique, and it's time to embrace that diversity.

3 Steps to Finding Support and Community with Lopsided Boobs

1. Don’t get mad, get Evenly!

Recognizing the need for specific products and support, Evenly was founded in 2020. Its mission is to provide accessible non-surgical solutions for people living with lopsided boobs. By offering products designed specifically for breast asymmetry, Evenly aims to empower individuals and promote body confidence. Bra Balancers™ are silicone inserts which slip into the bra cup of your smaller side, to even out both the look and weight of your uneven boobs. You can find your perfect Bra Balancer™ size here with our Evenly Fit Finder, shop the full Evenly range or explore the Balanced Blog for more support and tips on living with uneven breasts.

Poland Syndrome Ambassador Becca Butcher Using Evenly Bra Inserts for Asymmetry

2. Curate your social media feed

Be mindful of who you’re following online. Take an audit of the accounts you follow and consider how they portray and talk about body image and how their messaging makes you feel. Consider unfollowing accounts that don’t make you feel great. There are loads of fabulous accounts that champion breast health, diversity and positivity such as @BeccaButcherx who celebrates her uneven chest. You can also find #TittyTuesday fun and uplifting booby content from Evenly on Instagram and Facebook at @weareevenly.

3. Join the Uneven Titty Committee™ support group

The private Facebook community of the Uneven Titty Committee, hosted by Evenly, has members from all over the world who understand what it's like to live with breast asymmetry. It is a safe space for uneven boob owners to share stories, seek support, and uplift each other on this journey. Finding a safe community where you can feel understood is a powerful experience. Together, we can #BreakTheTaboob and challenge the stigma surrounding breast asymmetry and promote the understanding that it is a normal and natural aspect of our bodies.

You are not alone in your experience of having lopsided boobs. The Uneven Titty Committee and Evenly are here to provide support, understanding, and non-surgical solutions for those with breast asymmetry. Embrace your uniqueness, connect with others who share your journey, and celebrate the beauty of our diverse bodies.



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