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Evenly’s Summer Essentials

The long-awaited sunny season of summer can sometimes feel like it's over in the blink of an eye, so the Evenly Team is excited to share our tips to help you prep your socks off for the best summer yet!

This time of year often means days out with the family, trips to the seaside, paddling pools (complete with grassy debris at the bottom), or if you’re lucky maybe even a lovely holiday by the pool or lakeside. In a less glamorous fashion, it can also mean working in hot offices and environments that are more sticky and less than ideal. We’ve gathered some summery tips to help to make these short summer months the most comfortable they can be.

Come As You Are

There's a barrage of largely outdated imagery out there about how summer should look, which is often aimed especially at women's bodies. At Evenly we believe that absolutely everyone has a bikini body (if they want to wear one), and nothing gives us more enjoyment than when people shed their winter clothing to swap for a swimming costume (a ‘cozzy’ as we tend to call it in the UK), or a 2-piece to splash around in the sun if that is what makes them feel good. If your thing is curling up under a soft, colourful beach towel with a book that's great too. We invite you to come as you are and embrace your choice to exclusively wear and do only that which you feel comfortable with for your body this summer.

The only opinion that matters is yours.

We understand that it can be tricky to find something you feel physically comfortable swimming in when one breast is smaller than the other, and we are so pleased that our Evenly Bra Balancers™ can be slipped into your existing swimwear to fill the gap on your smaller side to balance things out for maximum comfort. They are fully waterproof and washable, and all clear to match your own glorious skin tone for minimum visibility. Of course, you don’t need to wait for summer to slip a Bra Balancer™ into your swimsuit, it works perfectly for leisure centre pools (did someone say AquaFit?) and winter dips too!

Underboob sweat powder

Don't Sweat It!

In the summer heat, clothing and underwear can rub onto our skin, especially if we’re a little hot and sticky from the warmth. This can cause chafing and discomfort which totally sucks when you’re just trying to enjoy the weather or get on with your workout. Anti-chafe shorts are a great help to reduce rubbing and thankfully they are now widely available and can give great comfort in those clammy situations (we're big fans of Snag Tights Chub Rubs). Luckily we’ve also got something to help because the Evenly Dusting Powder is a smooth and silky fine anti-chafing powder that can be used anywhere you’d like to protect from rubbing.

Evenly Dusting Powder even absorbs the dreaded under-boob sweat keeping you feeling fresh all day!

Those inner thighs will feel silky soft and rub-free and the best bit is that the tiny pot will fit into your pocket or bag. Summer win! Our dusting powder was actually created to use with our Bra Balancers™ to give a comfortable barrier protecting the skin from chafing, so if you’re wearing a Bra Balancer™ you’ll be able to enjoy silky powdery comfort for your boobs too.

Keep It Comfy

Let’s face it, boob sweat is a fact of summer. Wearing natural fabrics such as cotton and choosing breathable, loose fabrics can help reduce the amount we sweat when the sun is shining. When you're shopping for summer, get into the habit of checking the product information for the fabric mix your clothing is made from so you can curate a summer-friendly mix of fabrics and style options to choose from when it's sweltering.

If you wear a Bra Balancer™ you’ll be pleased to know that we have created soft and comfortable Bra Balancer™ Covers, giving an extra layer of moisture-wicking comfort, using eco-friendly EuroJersey® Italian fabric.

Soft, comfortable and moisture wicking Bra Balancer™ covers

They come in various skin tones and are washable to keep you super fresh. They are often worn in sports bras and washed in between gym sessions all year round, and are also perfect for those hotter days when we all get a little more ‘glowy’ than we might like (we’ve all been there!) Honestly, we can’t stop your boobs from sweating, but we can help minimise the discomfort that might cause. Anything for a comfier life eh?

Stay Hydrated

We know, we know, it's an obvious one but it's an important part of staying healthy, happy and having the best Summer experience possible.

"Dehydration puts unnecessary stress on our body. This is something we can reduce by drinking plenty of water. It is generally recommended that we drink 6-8 glasses of water per day, increasing the volume we drink in warmer weather or when exercising"

Our top tip is to always travel with a reusable water bottle which any cafe or shop should be able to refill for you for free whilst out and about, saving you money for more exciting things. We always carry our two-in-one reusable coffee cup and water bottle from Cupple.

Protect Your Skin From Sun Exposure!

Finally, we really do love having fun in the sun for the short time it's out, and one of our summer essential tips is to protect your skin* whilst enjoying the rays. Get those sunglasses on to shield your eyes and don't get caught out exposing your skin without proper protection. It could lead to the discomfort and unnecessary pain of skin damage - in short, sunburn sucks! To avoid the lobster-like look, take shelter in the shade when you can and always keep a small travel-size bottle of high-factor, broad-spectrum sunscreen with you every day in your bag so you're always prepared (just in case). Even better, add sunscreen as part of your morning skincare routine to ensure your glorious skin is protected from UVA & UVB exposure. You can also buy clothing with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) which can often be found in swimwear, so again, check those labels. This last one is our favourite tip for sun protection.... buy the big, wonderful hat and take selfies in it! Your body will thank you for protecting it in the future.

*Please do your own detailed research on the best skin protection options for you from your own health authority.

Over To You...

We'd love to know what your top tips for summer are, especially if you're an uneven boob owner. Please do share your summer successes and tips in the comments below. For more about uneven breast solutions you can join our free Facebook community The Uneven Titty Committee™ to share stories with fellow breast asymmetry pals.



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